Teach left hand only first.

When I remember back to my first lesson, it was a struggle. I remember spending so much time looking at my fingers and trying to figure out which one wasn’t covering its hole. On my first lesson, I was shown how to play the scale. It took a long time and a lot of fumbling around just to play a low G. 

Later down the line when I found myself teaching, we decided it was better to just teach the left hand on it’s own first. Drop the right hand to just hold the base of the chanter. Have the learner play the top hand notes up and down and become familiar with the finger positions. Then they can move on to Mary had a little lamb. This is great because all within the first lesson the learner can play their first tune.

What do you think? Should learners be taught left hand only at first? Or stick with the scale for the first lesson? Leave a comment below.